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A Dependable Partner in Logistics

Offering safe, reliable, and innovative asset-based transportation solutions to leading industries in North America


Leverage our robust transportation capabilities to service across North America. From shipping finished goods to retail stores to transporting raw materials to a manufacturing plant, we can help you move a wide array of goods quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

LTL | FTL | Intermodal | Expedite | Temperature – Controlled | Hazmat | Dedicated

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Less-than-truckload (LTL)

Transport relatively small freight without worrying whether the freight requires the use of an entire trailer or not. We will help you efficiently manage and simplify all aspects of LTL freight decisions.

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Full Truck Load (FTL)

Reserve the truck with its full capacity for large shipments that require taking up the entire truck, or at least close to it. You won’t have to worry about your goods changing hands at any time or your goods being stuck with other products.

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Leverage the efficiency of other transportation modes and the flexibility of truckload to bring together the best price and service into one freight mode through our intermodal freight transportation solutions.

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Moving your goods in a shorter time frame than traditional parcels can sometimes be quite demanding. Our time-sensitive expedited shipping solutions allow the request for smaller pick and shorter delivery time frames.

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Temperature – Controlled

Overcome the transportation challenges associated with temperature-sensitive freight and its quality maintenance during transportation with our advanced temperature-controlled freight solutions.

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Move sensitive and dangerous materials, chemicals, gasses, flammable solids, etc. We have our certified drivers, expert team, and secure equipment ready to service your sensitive freight needs.

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You can rely on the fleet you need to always be available for your scheduled delivery. We will ensure the specialist equipment you need for this delivery is reserved for your recurring shipment so that you can benefit from absolute reliability at a competitive price.

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Industries We Serve

End-to-end transportation and logistics solutions tailored to the needs of diverse industries


Creating a modern and seamless automotive supply chain.

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Food & Beverage Industry

Building resilient and sustainable food supply chains.

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Retail industry

Designing omni-channel supply chain for the ultimate customer experience.

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Pharma & Healthcare

Re-imagining pharmaceuticals and healthcare supply chain.

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Building a flexible supply chain to reduce cost and shorten delivery times.

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Delivering the right quantity of products to the right locations at the right time.

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Improving safety of transportation of dangerous goods.

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Creating robust supply chains to respond to extraordinary demand.

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Why Choose Northern Alliance Logistics?

Wider reach, deep industry knowledge, innovative technology, and extensive transportation network

Moving beyond optimizing routes and scheduling to keep drivers on the road.

Better Expense Management

Avoid unexpected costs in the fast-changing freight market, get market rates in real-time directly in your TMS or ERP, and quickly identify savings opportunities.

Advanced Technology & Innovation

Get quotes based on pricing agreements, real-time shipment visibility and reporting, and proactively leverage market insights to stay informed and plan ahead.

Safe Trucking with Reliable Carriers

Having well-trained and experienced truck drivers and carriers on board helps us offer hassle-free and smooth logistics operations and consistent service delivery offerings.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Leverage our deep understanding and expertise of several years to handle the distinct supply chain requirements for the many different industries that we serve.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Benefit from a strong service support that can help you reduce downtime and the need for multiple providers, maintain flexibility and improve supply chain performance.

Geographic Coverage Across North America

Leverage a wide area of coverage in North America that extends to every state in the US. Our wide network and comprehensive logistics services give you everything you need to serve your customers well.

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