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_Why Northerns_

Why Northerns for Owner Operators?

Working with committed owner operators is the key to Northerns’s aim of keeping the logistics business running.

Once you decide to join hands with Northerns team, you get access to a large network of freight and trailer equipment, competitive remuneration, 24/7 support from an experienced dispatcher team, and infinite insurance and parking services, whether your fleet consists of a couple of trucks or a hundred.

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Independent Owner-Operators

We have the perfect solution for your business. We offer high-paying freight and growth opportunities, so let us help you grow

Get Consistent, Long Routes

Get consistent long routes, highly competitive work rates, and the high job security you’ve been longing for.

Always Be Independent

Choose what you want to haul, when to haul and when to return home.

Avail Attractive Benefits

Avail discounts on tires, fuel, equipment, business services, and more.

Get Driver Support

Get support at every step of the way with business and safety classes, advanced technologies and tools, and more.

Prioritize the Right Routes

Get help to prioritize the right routes across a range of modes and have dedicated teams that serve our network.

Get Business Support

Get the much-needed guidance and financial support to grow into an owner-operator or a contractor with us.

Service standards

The quality services provided by Northerns are a great resource for owner operators. As an owner operator at Northerns, you have access to our sate-of-the-art dispatching solutions, best technology and support team to provide you with endless facilities. Northerns’s superior services will assist you with parking, insurance, registration of your number, federal rules, government compliances, warranty issues, law enforcement, and the preservation of your rights under leasing agreements, among other things. Everything under one roof!

Customer Communication

Knowing where your freight is and when it will be delivered is the heart of the business. Northerns bridges the gap between truck drivers and customers for hassle free transportation. Our entire fleet is fully equipped with leading edge technology that includes real time GPS monitoring, temperature control monitoring & full cargo tracking visibility thus making it very transparent and ensuring a smooth flow of communication with our customers.

Experienced Dispatchers

Our vision is to make life easy and less stressful by providing technology-based solutions to move on cargo securely yet quickly with minimal delay thus making the overall operational process efficient and cost effective. Our Dispatchers help in streamlining their operations and manage seamless customer experiences; they plan out the most efficient routes by prioritizing drivers’ safety thus utilizing the resources in an appropriate manner. Our 24/7 experienced and professional dispatch team work in such a way that they are able to deliver optimum results through innovative technology-based transportation solutions.

Top Dollars

Due to our structured lanes, experienced dispatchers, full compliance of HOS, you’ll be utilizing your services at the fullest capacity leading to consistent payments, with the freedom to choose your own running style, tours, and loads. As an Northerns owner operator, you will earn a competitive pay, have great home-time, be treated with respect, and have a voice in the company. We grow, care for, and cultivate long-term jobs.


In this partnership, the moment you are with us, everything, from the dispatch team’s communication to help desk support and the revenue shared, we aim to keep everything transparent with our owner operators.

Weekly pay

With our weekly pay model, you get your salaries guaranteed after every week so as to keep your expenses running. We ensure that our weekly payroll schedule makes for your easy planning, your cashflows and finances balanced. Every owner operator who joins us gets a weekly pay opportunity to keep their expenses at bay.


Every Fleet has a user friendly and hassle-free technological device installed thus easing the pain many fleet owners experience on a day-to-day basis. ELD brings a host of benefits for drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers, some of them which they get to enjoy are reduction in fuel costs, enhancing drivers’ overall productivity, promotes safety standards, lower insurance premiums, location tracking, better route management & last but not the least meeting and exceeding HOS compliance. ELDs give fleet managers the ability to monitor their vehicles through GPS tracking. Real-time tracking capabilities also cuts down on the administrative overhead expenses when it comes to dispatching drivers, which reduces idle time and empty trip thus boosting the overall fleet productivity with innovative mobile solutions.

Documentation Imaging

We are going the easy and hassle-free way where you won’t have to wait for the documents. You will get the facility to upload every image of your document without the hassle of keeping the stack of papers beside you. Our transportation document scanning and imaging facility help you to digitize and organize documents with just a single click.

Truck GPS for easy navigation

Every vehicle of Northerns is in-built with GPS for your easy navigation making delivery times quicker and shipment tracking easier. Our GPS navigation facility guarantees safety, minimal fuel and operational costs, theft recovery and increased productivity so that the only thing you have to worry about is deliver the shipments. Save time and money, be safer and perform to your full potential with our easy GPS navigation system.

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